Welcome to Doula Connect!

Inspired by Human Milk 4 Human Babies now Eats on Feets (a milk sharing community). Doula Connect is a way for women who want a doula to connect with those doulas in their area.

Ask to join your state chapter on Facebook.

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Special Thanks!!!

I would like to give a special thanks to all those who helped make this a reality.

Isaac Carlson- For inspiration and use of account to complete the list on Facebook. :) 
Orion Carlson- For being my inspiration to inform women of their choices when it comes to pregnancy and birth. 

Emma Kwasnica and the group Human Milk 4 Human Babies -For inspiration

 Morgan Hagey- For giving inspiration to become a Doula. 

Larissa Kannas- For giving inspiration to become a Doula. 

Demetria Clark- For Providing a place to train and certify with the intent of  giving every mother a doula.

Peaceful Parenting- For inspiration, information, and helping get the word out.


*Tracey Guthrie